Supper Bubble Shooter

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The difference from Bubble Shooter

Supper Bubble Shooter is a classic ball shooting game, this game has been upgraded with lots of power and interesting challenges, don't miss this great game.

This is an upgrade of the Bubble Shooter game, however, it has created many new challenges through different levels. If in the game Bubble Shooter, you will have to shoot down the balls that are moving to the limit line, the ball in this game will be stationary. This game sets a completely different game rule when you will be provided with a certain number of bullets and you destroy all the bubbles in this ammo. Don't miss the new challenges this game has created, play now and conquer all the levels.

Destroy the bubbles

It is the same as other ball shooting games, you will use a cannon to shoot the ball. In the center of the gun is the bullet that you will shoot, on the side of the gun is the bullet that will appear next. You use the mouse and aim at the position you want to shoot after it, left-click to shoot. When hit, a chain with 3 balls of the same color as the bullet will explode. For each level, you will have 30 bullets and you have to destroy all the required balls in this ammo. You will fail when you do not destroy all the balls in the provided ammo. In addition, you can also use the bomb to make it easier to overcome this challenge. This bomb is a reward that you get after completing a level or you can also collect it during shooting. When you activate the bomb it will explode all the balls around it (regardless of color). However, the number of bombs is limited, you need to use it smartly or work hard to get it.